Linked Care – continuous information supply in mobile care and support

Linking and connecting, Linked Care is intended as a comprehensive digital system to ensure a stringent flow of information and a continuous supply of information in mobile care, assistance and therapy.

The demographic development causes a strongly growing need for care, assistance and therapy with a simultaneously decreasing supply of health professionals. This results in a high workload and, in addition, often different settings such as inpatient, day-care, mobile or private care, nursing and therapy intertwine. The exchange of information is often incomplete or requires a lot of additional time. The reason for this is the lack of interfaces and standards in IT systems and communication. The great differences in the type and scope of documentation cause additional work, because data must be recorded x times.

Projekt Partners: FH Campus Wien (Project Lead), Fachhochschule Technikum Wien, Universität Wien, myneva Austria GmbH, LOIDL Consulting & IT Services GmbH, Compugroup Medical CGM, Österreichische Apotheker-Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H., Steszgal Informationstechnologie GmbH, Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gem. GmbH, Wiener Rotes Kreuz- Rettungs-, Krankentransport-, Pflege- und Betreuungsgesellschaft m.b.H., Volkshilfe Gesundheits- und Soziale Dienste GmbH (GSD GmbH), Volkshilfe Wien gemeinnützige Betriebs-GmbH

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Duration: April 2021 – March2025
Call: FFG – benefit Demografischer Wandel Pflege Challenge