Smart Companion Roboter

Smart Companion 2 – everyday devices as useful helpers and assistance systems in emergency situations

Based on the findings of the previous project, we are creating a prototype and testing whether it can meet the expectations in a test environment. Particular attention is being paid to the key components of fall detection and systems that can independently call for help. These include:

  • active emergency calls (i.e., the user calls for help),
  • appropriate device responses to unusual situations (i.e., the user does not respond and the device independently detects the emergency), and
  • fall prevention functions (i.e., the user is warned of potential obstacles).

In developing the system, we focus our research on the needs of future users, implement voice interaction systems as they are the most inclusive way of communication, use machine learning for emergency detection, and emphasize privacy, user-friendliness, and comfort in operating the assistance system.



Project Partners: Fachhochschule St. Pölten GmbH (Projektlead), Robert Bosch AG, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Gruppe Linz

Project Website:
Duration: March 2022 – February 2025
Funds: FFG – IKT der Zukunft